Why use a professional Autocue Service?

Even the most professional presenters or corporate CEO's no matter how experienced suffer some stage fright or time constraints every now and then.

Our job is to guide you through your presentation at your own pace putting you at ease and maximising the professionalism of your particular presentation. We have the knowledge and techniques to make a first timer look and sound like a seasoned presenter.

Don't be mistaken anybody can buy and operate an Autocue, however, it's only when you have the experience, knowledge and right equipment can you ensure your presentation looks professional and avoids looking amateurish.

What do we provide?

Ayresupport offers a range of Autocue set ups for various types of camera records, and on-stage events. Including different sized units to suit small or large cameras, interview style monitors and free-standing units.

We can also cater for those more challenging outdoor locations with our ultra-bright true sunlight readable monitors and batteries to power monitors and computers.

Screen sizes for camera recording 7, 10, 13, 15 and 21 inch.


We can also supply standard on stage units or remote motorised height adjustable on stage units for your AGMs, Awards night or any staged event.

The major advantage and purpose of the remotely adjustable units is to cater for speakers with a large height variation. Your operator can rise or lower the units between speakers without stopping proceedings.

We used components from the medical industry in our design to obtain better reliability and durability.

Why use Ayresupport?

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Carry back-up equipment to location/set
  • Fully trained friendly helpful operators
  • Affiliates in every state
  • Company owner hands-on
  • Develop equipment to suit
  • We are passionate about what we do

What do our clients think of our services?

"Sandy Ayres is a true professional at what she does. She has worked with me at the AFL on a number of major launches and speeches and always delivers first-class results. I can't recommend her highly enough"
Andrew Demetriou CEO AFL

"Sandy is one of the best in the industry. Her ability to meet the technical requirements are always first rate. She also has the valuable ability to develop rapport and trust with each speaker, assisting with their level of comfort and consequently the quality of their performance"
Darren Natale Creative Director Australian Business Theatre

"As event producers for large scale corporate events you absolutely must have a crew that you can rely on and is calm under pressure. You don’t get second chances. Luckily for us we have Ayresupport to handle all our teleprompt requirements. Fortunately with Ayresupport you don’t need a second chance because they nail it first time, every time"
Dean Laffan, CEO Real World, Melbourne based event producer

Working with Sandy from Ayresupport always gives me a feeling of confidence.
Sandy adjusts to your style and doesn't impose her own preferences.
If there are any technical or other issues, I never see them, I know I'm in good hands.
I strongly recommend Sandy and Ayresupport for your Autocue services.
Catherine Livingstone... Telstra Chairman